American Scottie Mace with 2 Cords

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Our popular Scottish Mace is one of the American's favorite. All metal parts are made of steel. The deluxe head is an impressive combination of chrome and brass. The head is heavily gilded with a unique chrome platted pattern with a brass leaf patterned disk on the top of the dome as well as brass leafing at the bottom of the head where it meets the shaft.Product of Peacock Baton Company. All maces are custom made and are non-returnable. As each mace is made to your custom specifications, please allow an additional 2-5 business days for production.


  • Measures approximately 58″
  • All metal parts are made of steel with chrome or brass plating for maximum durability.
  • Leaf pattern on disk on the top of the dome as well as at the bottom of the head.
  • Semi-flexible shaft is constructed of nine layers of fiberglass that tapers from 1″ down to 5/8″
  • 16″ chrome metal ferrule for a Scottish look
  • User replaceable crown, chain, cords, and rubber tip
  • Shaft comes in Black, White or Woodlook. 
  • Mace arrives UNWRAPPED with two cords.  Wrapping available for additional charge. 

When working with your customer please make sure if they want to order a Mace that they understand that the mace is approximately 58” tall. It also is used different from the baton. When using the mace the head of the mace is held up where the baton is used with the head down and the tip up.

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